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January 29, 2021
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January 29, 2021

“Vagisil Prohydrate Internal Vaginal Gel and Moisturizing Personal Lubricant, 8 Pre-filled Internal Disposable Applicators, 3 Pack”


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Vagisil Prohydrate intravaginal gel and moisturizing personal lubricant can work with your body to relieve dryness and make you feel natural, so you can feel your state again. Vaginal dryness is different from dryness in other parts of the body. Due to stress, menopause, certain medications and breastfeeding, it may affect women of all ages. This lubricant for menopausal dryness contains hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring hydrating agent that weighs 1,000 times its weight in water and prevents vaginal dryness. Butterfat lubricants and gels work quickly and lasting to alleviate personal dryness, and they are cautious, so only you know that you are using them. Using this lubricant for women can relieve dryness at any time, especially to make intimacy more comfortable. 8 easy-to-use pre-filled feminine moisturizing applicators target dry sources and provide immediate relief. This is 3 packs of vaginal moisturizer to prevent vaginal dryness.


Water, Glycerin, Propanediol, Carbomer homopolymer Type B, Sodium Hyaluronate, Phenethyl Alcohol, Ethylhexlglycerin, Sodium Hydroxide