After you place your order, you can track the status of your order with a confirmation email that we send.

After your order is shipped, we will send another confirmation email with the expected delivery date and the link to track your order.

Only orders which haven’t been shipped can be changed or cancelled.

Once under the status ‘preparing for shipping’, ‘shipping’ or ‘delivered’, any edits to your order are unacceptable.

You can reach out to support through the helpdesk to make any changes to your order.

It normally takes about 24 to 48 hours for delivery after you’ve placed your order.

You can use a debit or credit card to purchase on our website.

In addition, you can choose PayPal, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay or Google Pay at checkout.

You can return or exchange if:

  • You have purchased the item from our online store.
  • You haven’t used the item in any way.
  • You make the return/exchange request within 28 days of delivery.
  • You return or exchange the item within 14 days of your request.

Please contact support through our helpdesk to ask for a return.